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Thinking of doing an IRONMAN? Or a half IRONMAN?
We offer FREE help, support & advice to anyone who wants to be part of our triathlon club in Hammersmith.
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Long course triathlons are a different beast to the short distance races, we will help make sure you get all aspects of your training, diet and race day strategy correct.
  1. Training Plans
    Training Plans
    We work with you to put together a training plan that suits your lifestyle, commitments and physical status - updating it as and when needed.
  2. Diet
    Arguably the most important aspect of this sport, get this wrong and you won't recover properly from your workouts and risk "hitting the wall" during your race.
  3. Race Strategy
    Race Strategy
    The wrong strategy on race day could undo all those months of training you've put together. We will help you put together a strategy that plays to your strengths and lets you get on with enjoying your day.
Meet the Coaches
  1. "Completed my first IRONMAN in Bolton last year in 12:24:27 and am looking to knock an hour off that"
  2. "A keen interest in strength & conditioning and eager to complete a full IRONMAN in 2017 having completed a half in 2014"
  3. "Come chat to me about any concerns you have, its likely everyone feels the same, we're in this together"